Ana Cardoso

  • Monologic, 2010
    Installation view at Nuno Centeno / Photo credits _ Blues Photography Studio

Monologic (…) leads to the notion of mono logics, of insistent and resistant meaning, where each particle of the whole has a formal equivalence, a dystopia counterbalanced by the subjective color structure. The color of each monochrome was chosen after the preceding one. Chronologically, the first painting of the series is quinacridone red light. From there followed the other elements, after a logical visual and spatial accomplishment, where each one of them, in its simplicity, will play an unknown role or function. Metaphysical, perhaps?

Monologic (2010) is dedicated to Imi Knoebel and to the piece he dedicated to Blinky Palermo: 24 Colors – for Blinky, 1977. That piece, which can be seen at Dia:Beacon, marks the beginning of Knoebel’s chromatic search. The dedication aims to explain a lineage – in spite of the temporal holes and differences in context.